Faith’n’Family – Christmas Country Church Tour; Holidays and Autism

With guests Terry Pohlman, Olivia Scheuler and Erin Phillips.

Faith’n’Family – Getting Along With the In-Laws; Meet Our Day Sponsors

With guests Megan Miessler and Jim & Marjorie Viehland.

Faith’n’Family – Holidays and Family Nutrition

Laura Morton shares tips for healthy party and family foods during the holidays.

Faith’n’Family – Hot Cocoa and Keeping Fit Through the Holidays

With guests Laura Morton and Kevin Reisick.

Faith’n’Family – Christmas No Matter Where You Are!

Christmas No Matter Where You Are! — with guest Eshinee Veith.

Faith’n’Family – Athletes and 2nd Commandment, Holidays and Autism

Athletes & the 2nd Commanmdent with guest Dr. Micah Parker, and Preparing for the Holidays with Children on the Autism Spectrum with guests Olivia Scheuler and Erin Phillips.

His Time – Creation Club, Illinois Tornado update, Helping Families during the Holidays

Tim Hetzner gives an update on the area hit by the Illinois Tornado. — Rev. Alan Erdman talks about helping families during the Holidays. — Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club. — Rev. Steve Cholak looks at Revelations 19:1-21. — Rev. Tim Boerger gives today’s sermonette.