Faith’n’Family – Technology in the Classroom; The Next Generation of Youth

With guests Matt Bergholt and Rev. Dr. Terry Dittmer.

Faith’n’Family – What is a DCE?

With guests DCE Leslie Leonard and DCE Andrew Nelson

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Witness; COEXIST stickers; Lutheran Youth Fellowship

With guests Adriane Heins, Rev. Anthony Oliphant, Vicar Gerard Bolling.

Faith’n’Family – Youth Ministry Update

With guests Rev. Mark Kiessling, Amy Gray, Cassia Moore, and Jim Lohman.

Faith’n’Family – LSS Living Culture Change; Seminary Youth Programs

LSS Living Culture Change with guest Joan Devine; Seminary Youth Programs with guests Rev. William Wrede, Deaconess Kristin Hodge, and Seminarian Eamonn Ferguson.

Faith’n’Family – Intergenerational Ministry: Jessica Bordeleau

With guest Jessica Bordeleau and Matt Rhodes

Faith’n’Family – Youth and Partnerships in Service

Youth and Partnerships in Service: DCE Daniel Meyer, DCE Christina Stackle, DCE Jason Glaskey

Faith’n’Family – Servant Events

Servant Events with guest Rev. Barry Akers.